Pronunciation: `ZIK - suh

Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: A young-adult vixen, with patched fur and brown eyes. Wears a tunic made from - and belted with - lizard's tails, and weilds a bow and arrows, worn over her shoulder. Also wears a raven feather behind one ear.

Personality: Impudent and disobedient, and very cruel natured.



Little is Known of Zyxxa's history, save that she was a Krozfoxx. She took part in an attempted raid on a band of woodcutters from Redwall Abbey, which ended in defeat. Later, she took part in a battle in the grounds of Redwall itself; she slew Brother Willow but had her collarbone snapped by Siyuzin Stoneclaw. She later crawled off into Mossflower; anything after this is unknown, as she was a very minor character.

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