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Species: Sand Lizard

Origin: Isle of Brass

Gender: Male


Death: Unknown

Books: Currently none

Basic descriptionEdit

Ziguur is a tall, sand-colored lizard. His fangs are yellowed and stained, from his diet of raw flesh.

He carries and owns nothing but his handcrafted weapon, a rusted hook tied to a long rope, torn from the rigging of the very Slave Galley that had held him prisoner when he was young.


Was born in a far-off island known as Brass, which was practically naught but desert. Ziguur was taken captive by the searat crew of the Slave Galley Bloodleech. After the galley was attacked by a gang of roaming sea otters, most of the crew were slain, the otters leaving after setting the Galley alight. The remaining searats hastily got the fire out, and sailed for their home island, but were blown ofcourse, and crashed the into rocks littering the shores of Southsward. The few searats alive, under the leadership of the Slaver, Blajag, tried getting to a Corsair outpost they knew of, but Ziguur, and a few of the remaining Lizards the searats had taken as slaves, for their strong build, turned on their "Masters", and slew them viciously and mercilessly, feeding on their worthless hides!

Appears inEdit

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