Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Place of Origin: Far South Coasts

Appearance: Comparitively young adult weasel still in his prime; dark tan above, white below, with a paler gold streak down his spine. Nose is pink; eyes and tailtip are black. Wears an intricate robe of stoat and fox's tails; also wears a greenstone necklace with a large fish skull for a pendant. Has red tattoos of nearly indistinguishable pattern covering his forepaws from clawtip to halfway between his elbow and shoulder. Weilds a long pike.

Personality: A sadistic cannibal like the rest of the Destruction horde, with no concept of caring or familial love. Has unusual views of honor, foreign to most of his comerades.


Yellowback was a member of the The Destruction, and had a personality similar the rest of the brutal weasels. He and Ratbane were the only weasels considered good enough to be permitted to be the Cheiftain Redfang's officers. He had two children, Stunty and Fishclaw, by two different wives about a season apart. Stunty's mother died in childbirth, but Yellowfang callously killed Fishclaw's mother himself; frustrated that she had not produced a son, he killed her and left the newborns (she'd had a litter of three) to die. Fishclaw was the only one to survive.

Yellowback had unusual views in honor and loyalty, which made him an extremely valuable officer. He actually liked his Cheiftain Redfang very much - for all the brutality and beatings he was given by him - and obeyed every order implicitly. He was unaware at first that both his daughters had joined the uprising formed by Gree Doomblade - Redfang's challenger; he did not find out until Redfang sent him to secretly follow the band and kill Gree, if the opportunity arose. When he found out, he was enraged at the dishonor to his good name this brought about, further spurring his desire to kill Gree. Later, when he witnessed Stunty's death due to a botched plan of Gree's, he became so infuriated he carelessly charged Gree and tried to openly murder him then and there. His carelessness cost him dearly; the much fiercer Gree gave his body back to Redfang a short time later.

Yellowback was a minor character; little else is known.

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