Gender: Female

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance:Very tall, full-figured young adult female hare. Fur is a luxurious dark brown, creamy white below, with black tips on the ears and paws. Wears a royal blue vest over a gauzy silver poofy-sleeved shirt, clamped tight at the wrists by bejeweled silver bracelets. Wears a much bejeweled belt holding up a blue skirt decorated with ribbon upon ribbon of flowing silver guaze, as well as multiple colorfully bejeweled necklaces. Has a pair of silver hoop earrings - one in each ear - with small strands of jewels hanging from them. Often weilds a large, heavily beribboned tamborine-drum as both an instrument and a weapon; puts this aside during magic or acrobatic acts. When not performing, sheds the jewelry save the bracelets and belt.

Personality: Very motherly and caring, even though she is barely an adult herself. Feels things more strongly than otherbeasts, especially deaths.


Daughter of Sambucus Dunworthy and younger sister of Gibbosa Dunworthy, Withe was born in Salamandastron and spent her first five seasons there. However, her mother's death from illness changed everything; unable to happily continue to live at Salamandastron, her father took her and her sister and left the mountain to search out a new life for themselves.

For many seaons, the two young hares wandered the world with Sambucus, earning their keep by singing and dancing with him whenever they stopped someplace for food. Sambucus also began to pick up a skill in sleight-of-hand, performing magic tricks to amuse their hosts. As the seasons went on, and the sisters matured into adolesence, the three hares gave up their search for a permanant home, realizing they enjoyed wandering and could hardly settle down after all this time. They began to recruit otherbeasts, mostly misfits and outcasts, into their traveling troupe, until it expanded into a well-known and respected circus, named Sambucus' Simply Spiffin' Circus by the haremaids in honor of their father.

Withe was responsible for the recruiting of the abandoned adolescent badgers Rhus and Rosida, and also of the otterbabe Pearl; they became as much part of her family as her own sisters to her. She was also assistant cook under the apprenticeship of the troupes resident chef Florimund. When vermin attacked the circus and both Pearl  and Florimund were slain, Withe took it very hard, but soon found solace when she was elected to replace her mentor as cook.  

Withe traveled with the circus until her father's death from old age dissolved it. She and her sister returned to Salamandastron; there, Withe set up a memorial statue in her father's honor. She wed a member of the Long Patrol, later giving birth to a daughter, dying in the process. The daughter would become the great-grandmother of Blademaster Buckler Kordyne, thus making Withe ancestor of a legend.

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