Gender: Male

Species: Golden Eagle

Place of Origin: Northern Highlands

Appearance: Somewhat wide-girthed middle-aged eagle. Still impressive despite his protruding tummy. Eyes are a fierce deep blue instead of the typical steel grey of a golden eagle. Feathers have a green/bronze sheen to them more than gold. Wears a cowled red hood with gold string to tie it in place.

Personality: Helpful and obedient, and quite willing to let others take charge.


Lieutenant Windropp was a member of the Eagle's Council, and one of the few members that were of the Golden Eagle Species. He served during the reign of King Bluddfedder MacSavage, and also during the reign of King Hooktalon MacSavage after Bluddfedder's untimely death. He temporarily became Hooktalon's deputy leader when the eagle king left on a special mission; he also helped the inhabitants of Bowlaynee Castle with several tasks during that time.

Windropp and his eagles flew Tip Magrae and several other Bowlanians to the wreck of the Night Heron and helped loot a massive treasure from it. Later, he helped to spy on Lunarah Dawnrider and her crew, and took part in several fights against the evil Warlady. He was, despite his girth, a redoubtable and almost unstoppable fighter. However, he met his match when he took on a Highland Bruinne - the monster downed him with a swipe of its paw, killing him instantly.

Windropp was a minor character. Little else is known.

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