The Whisperers were an enourmous colony of bats, who were ruled by a Council, the head of which bore the title of Emperor (or Empress). Most decisions that did not need to be immediate were decided by long and arduous meetings of this council; in fact, the bats themselves joked about how difficult it sometimes was to get anything done.

The Whisperers had a very strict set of rules regarding strangers. They did not usually interact with other species, living far beneath the ground in a vast cave system; however, when they did, they were hospitable, provided the guests proved themselves to not be a threat. Suspected vermin were either imprisoned or killed on sight; the bats were silent and stealthy in their attacks and thusly earned the area around their home the reputation of being haunted. The colony had a long-standing alliance with the Guosim ever since Log-a-Log Luglug rescued an Empress from vermin; any shrews were welcome to enter the caves at any given time, and anybeast in the Guosim's company was always welcomed. Also, the shrews would fight to the death for the bats, as they knew the bats would also do for them.

The Whisperers main cave entrance had a rapids system running down it; thusly, the bats recieved many unexpected guests when the ship Bowbolt crashed her way down into the cavern. The ship was carrying escaped captives from the Ranks of the Shadow vermin horde; as some of the fugitives were Guosim, the bats welcomed them with open wings into their home, and posted a guard to make sure the vermin weren't following.

The vermin did attack the Whisperer's realm one hot afternoon when most of the bats were dozing; several were slain in the fight, including the Empress Ahamai. Her son, Emperor Muddwing, agreed to join the army of goodbeasts meeting outside the caves and planning a war against the vermin; after the defeat of the Ranks, the Whisperer's offered their home as a place for the wounded to be healed and recuperate before they returned to their respective homes. Any of the former army was added to the Guosim in the bat's pact of safety, and was allowed free reign to visit the caves as often as they would like.

Some Whisperers later took part in the battle against The Destruction, but this was by individual choice and not the command of their Emperor, who thought it was too far to ask his whole army to travel.

Known/Named Tribe MembersEdit

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