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A disheveled Varrin, shortly after the exploding tree incident

Gender: Male

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Noonvale

Description: Very big and stocky woodmouse the size of a rat. Fur is a very handsome silver; nose, eyes, and whiskers are dark grey. Wears a loose violet robe tied with a violet-red sash, and a maroon cape with a white upturned collar, which has a gold-rimmed garnet for a fastener pin. Also wears a small gold coronet with garnets in it.

Personality: Somewhat contradictory in nature. Predominantly peaceful, though capable of great wrath when patience is worn thin; usually regrets all actions done in anger within minutes of doing them. Takes his high office seriously.


Varrin Guth was a descendant of Urran Voh, and the Patriarch of Noonvale. He ruled for many seasons with few hitches or troubles to concern him, and became complacent in the fact; however, when his wandering sister and her husband were killed by vermin, and he took on the raising of their child (his nephew Taodar), he was faced with a good deal of problems all at once. The thrill-seeking Taodar's penchant for causing trouble and delilberately bringing danger upon himself seriously alarmed Varrin, and caused him to start losing his temper. When Taodar accidentally incinerated an oak and destroyed Varrin's treehouse, the old mouse finally lost all semblance of patience and told him he never wanted to see him again. He regretted his action almost instantly; however, Taodar had run off before he could apologize. Varrin continued to rule for many seasons after this unhappy instance, until his death from illness caused the title to be passed on to his son Oakwen. As he was a minor character, little else is known.

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