Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: Massively tall and bulky male fox, with rusty fur patched with tan and charcoal splots. Wears a tattered brown pair of barkcloth pantaloons, belted with an old rope. Also has woven gras armbands, a twine neclace with a magpie's beak as a pendant, and a short green cloak of fishkin.

Personality: Outwardly big and tough, though inwardly insecure. Can beat up any three beasts easily, provided they are not armed. Has a bit of a fear of shiny weapons like blades. Does not take kindly to authority, though has no leadership skills himself at all.



Ux was born and raised in the wandering robber tribe known as the Krozfoxx. He outgrew all his peers in height and girth, and began to get cocky because of this. When the Krozfoxx were attacked and taken over by Dankfur and his beasts from the Ranks of the Shadow, Ux was forced to go with them on their journey to the North Coasts. During the trip, there was some dispute between him and Akalle Bladewhip as to who should be in charge of the Krozfoxx faction of the Ranks, mostly spurred by the fact that Ux distrusted her massive amounts of knives and weapons. They fought, and Akalle was disarmed and beaten to submission; Dankfur then ordered they be kept apart for the remainder of the journey. During a march later, Akalle secretly sneaked some poison into the communal foodstore as revenge, which not only slew Ux but several other foxes as well. Ux was a minor character; nothing further is known.

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