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  • I live in Bowlaynee Castle
  • I was born on October 1
  • My occupation is Storyteller/Musician
  • I am a female hare
  • ScottyBlue

    Both young ones shrieked in terror when Bagnose, who had (as it turned out) taken the shortcut tunnel to the pool, sprang out from the shadows. He grabbed Vaccar by the tail. "Yahahaharrrr, goin' someplace, ploppypaws?"

    Vaccar took off running again, his sheer desperation tapping into some undiscovered reserve of strength. Bagnose was caught off guard; he skidded and stumbled across the damp tidal cave floor, still grasping his quarry's tail. He dug his heels in, yanking backwards. "Stoppit, ye fool....unghk!"

    Vaccar had put on an extra burst of speed, jerking his tail free; the force sent the would-be assasin slamming back-first into a huge stalagmite. For a second, he stared through wide-open eyes at Vaccar; then, he slowly slumped down to…

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  • ScottyBlue

    Hi Everyone!

    I have several characters (Pine Martens, mostly) who appear only as mentions in my story Gingiverian, but who will play a bigger part in Little Flower; there are also a few who are just minor characters that I don't have descriptions for yet. I like to have visual descriptions for every character I make, but I thought I'd let the members on here have some fun here. If you have a suggestion for a visual description for any one of these characters, please contact me via the comments. The characters in question are:

    • Beroona (Wildcat)
    • Burmin (Pine Marten)
    • Dunpaw (Pine Marten)
    • Greyfleck (Pine Marten)
    • Kordun (Pine Marten)
    • Oakwen (Mouse)
    • Pennanti (Fisher)
    • Praydee (Searat)
    • Ridgeback (Pine Marten)
    • Semola (Mouse)

    Suggestions for personality also are …

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  • ScottyBlue


    February 1, 2012 by ScottyBlue

    (Comments appreciated)

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  • ScottyBlue

    If you've read my fanfics and want to create a page for one of my characters, feel free to do so. I don't mind at all; I may make corrections if needed but I'll try not to mess with them too much. Just please post them in this format:



    Place of Origin:




    Character's story goes here.

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  • ScottyBlue

    Character Artist Info

    February 1, 2012 by ScottyBlue

    Below is a list of all the characters I have created; this list is also on the Redwall Wiki. These are their Physical descriptions, for the sake of those who wish to draw them. These descriptions are not all given in the stories; this is just how I see the characters. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, NONE OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE EXTRA HAIR ON THEIR HEADS!

    Scotty lives in the northern mountains so she bundles up in the winter; therefore, summer and winter descriptions are given seperately.

    Hare with sandy white fur, mottled with slate-blue and pale grey splotches. Eyes are brown; claws, whiskers, and fur above white part of tailbob are dark grey. Wears a longsleeved white dress shirt with a dark blue vest over it. Also wears a colorful tartan (plaid) k…

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