Riftgard Princess

aka Meeks or Lear

  • I live in The Twilight Zone
  • My occupation is Redwall Wiki Psychiatrist
  • I am Female
  • Riftgard Princess

    Well, it's me, RGP, or Meeks, as i prefer. as you all probably know, i am an expert on creating fanon characters. heres the rub.

    If you are having trouble creating a character, either a redwall fursona, or you need a character for a fanfiction and you're blank for who they are and what they'll do, or your Redwall fursona or OC needs a love interest, come here and ask.

    however, you will not get it for free (heeheehee) JK, You can't pay me =3

    what i do ask for is credit, AKA, biological mother rights, and that you pass on my business card, so to speak...

    also, i want to use this page to discuss theme songs. if you have a theme song for your character, share it with us on the comments.

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