Name: Eyegrim

Gender: Male

Eye color:Ruby-red

Species: Monitor Lizard

Place of Origin: Jungels far across the southern Sea

Appearance: Larger than most reptiles, with dark brown scales witch are criss-crossed with scars, ruby-red eyes that seemed always to glow with suppressed anger and the mighty muscles Eyegrim offers one awe-inspiring sight. He wears a suit of armor made of black steel that coveres him from neck to tail. His helmet is adapted to his head and let out of his nostrils, eyes and lower jaw nothing free.

Weapons: Double- Handed Curved Sword, Spear with a Tip of Obsidian, Natural Defense

Personality: War-proofed Warrior and Tactican. Hard but fair to his underbeasts. Sometimes affected by Bloodwrath.

Backstory: As the only son of Zulkar the Ravager, Great Emporer of the Jungels of the South, Eyegrim had learnd the path of war from his birth on. Through this he became what he is now.

Age: about 20 seasons

Relationships: A little crush on Dana Nightshade

Family: Zulkar the Ravager (Father)

Name: North Star

Gender: Male

Eye color: Darkbrown

Species: Mink

Place of Origin: The Northlands

Appearance: Chocolate Brown fur with a white star-shaped spot between his ears. Wears a tunic of coarse cloth that went up to the knees.Around his waist he wears a leather belt, a canvas bag and a small knife


Personality:Sometimes melancholic but friendly. Got some dark humor since what happend to his Home


Age:about 16 seasons


Family: Pikewrestler (foster father), Searose (foster mother) (both dead)


Gender: male

Species: Mink

Weapon: Raven's Beak (if you don't know what it is ask Wikipedia ;) ), a crossbow and bolts with steel tips.

Appearance:Unnormal big muscles for his species. He has a darkbrown fur which seems to be black when the light fades. His eyes have the color of amber. A great scar runs through his face starting on the right ear and ending on the left side of his lower jaw.

Equipment: Blacksmith tools (Hammers; Pliers etc.), Food and water for three days, some bandages and brandy to take care of wounds, Chain mail and a green and black surcoat

Personality:A friendly beast.Always ready for some fun but merciless to anybeast that threatens him or his friends. He is also a good blacksmith.

History: Coming from the Northlands where he has worked as a blacksmith. One day his village got attacked by bandits and he was the only surviver. Since this day he has a great scar in the face and a burning hate against outlaws of every kind. Now he is travelling south to fight for beasts who cann't fight for themself.

Name: Rognan

Gender: Male

Species: Pine Marten

Weapon: Executioners Axe , Thornwhip and a dagger

Appearance:Muscular with tan fur. His left eye is blind. The right eye is Ice-blue. He wears a leather made Executioner mask and an Leather armor and boots.

Personality: Cruel and merciless