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    November 3, 2011 by Eyegrim

    Name: Eyegrim

    Gender: Male

    Eye color:Ruby-red

    Species: Monitor Lizard

    Place of Origin: Jungels far across the southern Sea

    Appearance: Larger than most reptiles, with dark brown scales witch are criss-crossed with scars, ruby-red eyes that seemed always to glow with suppressed anger and the mighty muscles Eyegrim offers one awe-inspiring sight. He wears a suit of armor made of black steel that coveres him from neck to tail. His helmet is adapted to his head and let out of his nostrils, eyes and lower jaw nothing free.

    Weapons: Double- Handed Curved Sword, Spear with a Tip of Obsidian, Natural Defense

    Personality: War-proofed Warrior and Tactican. Hard but fair to his underbeasts. Sometimes affected by Bloodwrath.

    Backstory: As the only son of Zulk…

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