These are some names for villains that I have thought up. Pls say the ones you like, or dislike in the comments. You can also propse new names. 


Tolag (fox)

Skunge (rat)

Rimzal Ragefur (Stoat)

Mangefang Riphart (Fox)

Zangardd Nashfang (idk!??)

Darkbludd Clawdeath (rat)

Reg. Vermins

Rattoe (weasel)

Doggal (rat)

Naggers (rat)

Scumoe (rat)

Tegedd (fox)

Ole Grinwhisker (fox)

Forgill (rat)

Luggchop (rat)

Stinkeye (rat)

Baverm (Stoat)

Nidvora (rat)

Blunvo (ferret)

Furrad (rat)

Locktail (rat)

Flangnose (weasel)

Plaggud (ferret)

note: If i like a name, and you guys vote against it, i will still use it. If i dislike a name, but you want it, i probably will not use it. There is still debate in me on whether or not i will use these though, so that would be a rare case. :)

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