aka tom deckeagle, burg, burgle, burglar

  • I live in Monterey, California
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is gang leader
  • I am male of course
  • Burglebuber

    Musdet the Wild

    January 3, 2014 by Burglebuber

    Musdet the Wild was a vicious wildcat tyrant. She had a large army, of rats, foxes, and weasels. She had sent out Brunvo and Baverm, two weasels, in charge of a band of foragers to look for food. Her castle, Nidvora Castle, was located just south of mossflower, in a scrubby plain. Baverm and Brunvo were deep in mossflower, nearby to redwall abbey. They were exchanging terms with the abbey itself.

    "Opin yer gates an' leddus in!" Shouted Baverm, a brawny male weasel. Brunvo cuffed him.

    "Yore nought but a burly ole fool! Now lissen to me, idjit! Let's play guddbeasts widdem!" Said the skinnier, but slier weasel. He looked up at Nibsy Quilspikes, the gatekeeper. "Ahoy, gennelbeasts! Kin ye leddus in? We're messengers from Musdet th'Wild, Warlady…

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  • Burglebuber

    Villain Names, Species

    September 27, 2013 by Burglebuber

    These are some names for villains that I have thought up. Pls say the ones you like, or dislike in the comments. You can also propse new names. 

    Tolag (fox)

    Skunge (rat)

    Rimzal Ragefur (Stoat)

    Mangefang Riphart (Fox)

    Zangardd Nashfang (idk!??)

    Darkbludd Clawdeath (rat)

    Rattoe (weasel)

    Doggal (rat)

    Naggers (rat)

    Scumoe (rat)

    Tegedd (fox)

    Ole Grinwhisker (fox)

    Forgill (rat)

    Luggchop (rat)

    Stinkeye (rat)

    Baverm (Stoat)

    Nidvora (rat)

    Blunvo (ferret)

    Furrad (rat)

    Locktail (rat)

    Flangnose (weasel)

    Plaggud (ferret)

    note: If i like a name, and you guys vote against it, i will still use it. If i dislike a name, but you want it, i probably will not use it. There is still debate in me on whether or not i will use these though, so that would be a rare case. :)

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