Gender: Male

Species: Pine Marten

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: A lumbering giant of a young-adult marten, half a head taller and twice as broad as the species is supposed to be. Fur is golden tan, fading to dark brown on the paws and tail; cream on the chest, neck and chin. Wears a loose-sleeved silver-white shirt, worn unfastened; a pair of much-ripped black pantaloons with a tarred rope belt; and several medallions and shell necklaces. Carries a varied multitude of throwing daggers in his belt.

Personality: Not particularly bright, but not as stupid as he looks either. Devoted to his brother.


Uja was the brother of Scruffgutt, and one of Dankfur Clawhook's crew. When Dankfur gave up the sea to join th Ranks of the Shadow, his crew (including Uja) had, perforce, to go along with him. Uja accompanied Dankfur when a self-imposed mission sent the whole crew to Redwall Abbey. During the disatrous battle with the Redwallers, Uja survived with only a broken tail; his brother Scruffgutt was not so lucky, and was slain by Abbess Saffron . Uja grieved his brother's loss heavily, unusually so for a vermin; it caused him to begin to question his loyalty to his captain for the first time.

Uja was the only known crewmember of Dankfur to survive the mass destruction of the Ranks by a band of goodbeasts; he slipped away when the battle began and was never seen again, deserting for parts unknown. As he was a minor character, little else is known of him.

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