Tornpaw is a blueish grey weasel with yellow eyes and scraggly whiskers. She is overweight and sloppy, always in a bad mood. She is the mate to Fleck, a seer weasel. Tornpaw is not a very good fighter, always cowering out of a battle. She often betrays Fleck, secretly. She secretly tells Flametail the Sword, Fleck's plans of killing him. This way, Tornpaw gained the trust of the black fox. Fleck was soon killed by Flametail.

Tornpaw usually wears a black tunic and gold ear rings. Her weapon is a rope with a hook tied on it. She is in her mid seasons.


Age-35 seasons.

Appearance- Overweight with blueish greyish fur and yellow eyes.

Weapon(s)- Rope with a hook tied on it.

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