Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Ferret

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Tony is also a pur white ferret and he wears a brown tunic and sometimes blue jeans and a jacket covering his Tunic which he wears on small occasions.

Weapons: Tony carris his family's Tommy Gun and sawed off shotgun he also carries a collection of daggers, and a sword.


Tony is a wiched awsome friend to others and he always knows how to cheer people up with his great since of humor, he is also the only ferret in his family who cares for others besides himself.


Tony was born in a family that ran the organized crime of Mossflower, when he was 14 he tuke over the Mafia business after his father was murdered by 2 blood thirsty beasts, when he was 16 he was well known for being most respected Mossflower Gangster and was made Don of Mossflower on his 17th birthday, after becoming the head Don, Tony opened a night club/bar called Tony's and he opened up more bars with the same name in Noonvale and Salamandastron, after that Tony continued his work in the Mafia game.

Age: 18

Relationships: Jenny (Ex girlfriend) has some gangster friends through out Mossflower. Richy (Best friend)

Family: Andy (Cousin) Nickie, (Half sister) Father (Unkown) Mother (Nickie's mother)