Gender: Female

Species: Rat

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Very old, very fat female rat, with wrinkly silver fur and pale grey eyes. Wears long black robe and long black hooded cloak, with a belt of herb pouches about her middle. Forepaws are manacled, with a short length of chain between them.

Personality: Ill-tempered, but easily cowed, especially when faced with fear of death. Is a highly skilled healer, and good at dealing with madbeasts.


Thringle was the only non-weasel member of The Destruction, albeit an unofficial one. She was kidnapped from whatever unknown tribe she was originally part of by Redfang, who needed a healer that could control his insane wife Skrugg when he wasn't around to do it. Thringle became very loyal to Redfang, even though she was scared to death of him.

She was a better healer than most of the Destruction's healers; because of this, she came to feel she was essential and could not be done without. However, Gree Doomblade and his followers had other ideas; the treacherous upstart conviced Skrugg to change sides, and used her to kill Thringle (as well as some others loyal to Redfang.) She was a minor character; little else is known of her

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