The Phantoms are a small pack of unusual foxlike creatures who inhabit a deep gorge near Bowlaynee Castle. They were born in a land far across the sea, where their species was prevelant; however, adventurous pirates from the Land of Ice and Snow kidnapped them and used them as slaves while they were still cubs. The female captain of the ship deemed them too pretty to be worked to death as oarslaves; she chained them and gave five of them to her most trusted crewbeasts as "valets", taking the sixth for herself. As none of the six spoke a recognizable language (their native tongue was mainly squeaks and clicks), they were given new names by the pirates; they still keep these names, as they are the only ones they really know.

When the corsairs were run aground and wandered north in search of plunder, they were seen by the hares of Bowlaynee castle. Through the efforts of the haremaid Scotty, who recognized the unusual creatures were not vermin, the Phantoms were not slain when the hares attacked the corsairs, but were instead freed. These events were some seasons ago; they now reside in the aforementioned gorge, as sort of nomadic gypsies who wander the small area looking for food and shelter, generally amusing themselves this way. They are very wary of otherbeasts; their speed and stealth in getaways are what earned them their new Pack title, "The Phantoms". The hares are the exception, especially Scotty; they are allowed to visit at any time. However, the Phantoms prefer to be left alone and are usually quite happy in each others company; any arguments are few and far between, and to date there has never been a quarrel about a subject more serious than who gets what share of food at dinnertime.

Members of the PackEdit

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