Age- Unknown.

Death- Unknown

Species- Squirrel


Tarak was the brother of Gale Squirrelking when the Urgan Nagru invaded Gale's castle fort. It is also rumored that he was one of Rakkety Tam's ancestors, due to his Highland accent.


Tarak Treeclimber was a red squirrel with grey furs running down his back and tail. His eyes were a dull brown color and his whisker were frayed at the ends. He usually wore a barkcloth kilt with a hand made spear shoved in his side belt. Tarak was the brother of Gale Squirrelking and fled the place when the Urgan Nagru invaded it. He is accustomed to living in the swamps of Mossflower. His death was unknown. Somebeasts say he was slain by the Urgan Nagru. Rumors say that Tarak was an ancestor to Rakkety Tam MacBurl, due to his Highlander accent. Tarak was a quiet squirre and when he fled Gale's castle, he became a hermit. He traveled often and probably met up with some vermin, which is probably how he died.

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