The Tairomai (Pronounced TAY - rome - eye) were a rather vicious band of flying squirrels, who lived just south of the Loamhedge Abbey ruins in a small valley surrounded by alder trees. They could communicate slightly with other beasts, but spoke to each other in a high-pitched language of clicks, whistles, and squeaks. They wore no clothing or ornaments of any sort save crowns made of feathers and stones, bore no weapons, and painted their bodies brilliant shades of pale blue and violet. Their leader, invariably female, was known as the Zahra. They feared nobeast living, but had a terror of weapons which prompted them to destroy any weapon they saw.

The Tairomai were fanatically protective of the land they called home, and had no tolerance for intruders and loiterers; however, they had their own sense of justice. Any beasts not deemed to be vermin were divested of any weapon-like objects and forcibly escorted from the glen, but were otherwise not harmed. Anybeast who appeared to be vermin was attacked by hundreds of the little beasts, and cast out of the glen via a giant catapult rigged in one of the trees, sometimes while still alive.

Raxi had a run-in with the Tairomai when he was escaping from Gree Doomblade's horde of followers, and had all four limbs broken before being launched from the glen to his death. Zina, another weasel, also stumbled into Tairomai territory by accident; however, she survived the encounter thanks to the Wotsit, who beat the Zahra senseless and threatened to launch her from the catapult if he and Zina were not allowed to pass.

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