Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Origin: Unknown, probably Redwall

Weapon: Pike

Appearance: Orange squirrel with green eyes. She has a purple shirt and black leather pants (She never really cared about fashion) and a crown made from vines and holly berries for the "jewls."

Personality: A brave and fearless squirrel. Sorrel can get arrogant at times but is usually quite sweet.


Sorrel and her sister Thea are from an unknown place, though it is beleived to be Redwall. She also had a gang she led. For some reason, she was the main target for weasel princess Nikita. One day, she was seperated from her sister and her small gang in an encounter with Nikita's gang, who were trying to find and conquer Redwall. Nikita became more interested in her and after a long fight, Sorrel fled without her gang. She discovered an otter named Slick and a shrew named Mumble and they started the bounty hunters. Sorrel made her own crown as she became queen and they usually helped other creatures in need. She reunited with her sister Thea a few weeks later and with a few other members, the bounty hunters grew. After five successful years of leading the bounty hunters, Sorrel disappeared after Princess Nikita, now Queen Nikita, teamed up with wild cats and tried to kill her. She jumped over a large rock and wasn't seen again. Her fate remains unknown, though it is beleived she has drowned, as her crown was found on a branch hanging over the lake.This is a shortened version of Sorrel's life. Her full life is in Queen of the bounty hunters and Sorrel's legacy.

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