Slagir the Slaver

Age- about 35 seasons


Species- Red fox

Relatives- Slagar the Cruel

Death- Slain by a pike when he fell into the River Moss.

Slagir the Slaver was brother to the slaver fox, Slagar the Cruel. He was a red fox and very barbaric. He commanded a horde of fourscore vermin, who would trek all over Mossflower and near Salamandastron to get slaves to trade with corsairs in exchange for food, drink, and treasures. Slagir was not as sly as his brother Slagar and was supposedly dim witted, his advisor a ferret named Gakky helping him lead the crew. Despite his smarts, Slagir was a great fighter. But he wasn't great enough to avoid the sharp fangs of a hungry pike! One night Slagir had gotten drunk on October Ale from a ship they had traded with. He stumbled around laughing and had tripped, falling into the River Moss. His mates tried to help him but a large pike grabbed Slagir in his jaws and swam off, leaving a trail of blood in the water. Gakky had found a large thumb-shaped stone and had engraved in it "Only a fool goes swiming with the pike." After Slagir the Slaver's death, the horde set off to find corsair ships to join, living their lives onward.

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