Pronunciation: SHY - yawn

Gender: Male

Species: Bat

Place of Origin: Whisperers' Caverns

Appearance: Fairly small but wiry bat, with grey fur on his chest and grey-black naked skin on his wings, face and ears. Has a short, mohawk-like ridge of fur from his nosetip to the back of his neck. Is in his later seasons, but not old and certainly not feeble. Eyes are solid black. Wears a thin gold chain about his neck, but nothing else.

Personality: A bit rigid and aloof to strangers, but quite pleaseant with friends. Enjoys a good practical joke, even if he's the butt of it. Sometimes doesn't take things as seriously as he might. A good fighter.


Shyon was a Whisperer, one of an unusually large and warlike tribe of bats. He was one of the bats in Captain Ijago's command; he served during the reign of Empress Ahamai, and later during the reign of her son Emperor Muddwing.

Shyon was one of the first bats to welcome the escaped hostages of the Black Shade, who came into the Whisperer's caverns in search of help. While the leaders of the fugitives discussed plans with the Empress, Shyon and some others were put in charge of watching a troup of batbabes, who wanted to meet the newcomers. He became chummy with Vaccar, who had been left to guard the non-bat Dibbuns while their parents were in council. He also talked Vaccar into learning how to hang upside down like a bat, but had to rescue Guffle  and several other babes who got tangled in ropes trying to imitate their friend.

Shyon helped in the final battle against the Ranks of the Shadow, and returned home to the caverns where he presumably lived out his days. Shyon was a minor character - nothing else is known.

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