Gender: Male

Species: Searat

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: A big, burly, completely black searat. Has a short multibraided beard and a peg-leg, and very snaggly yellow teeth. Clothes include a much-the-worse-for-wear slate grey frock coat, trimmed with gold, worn over a red shirt and pantaloons; the latter are held up with an immense black belt with a gold buckle. Also has a huge gold earring in one ear and a small, thin gold hoop through his nose. Wields a cutlass sheathed in his belt, and a stiletto kept concealed in his boot.

Personality: Greedy and not overburdened with intellegence.


Nothing is known of Rugg's origins. He was a searat captain until his ship went down; he and a few of his crew sailed about in a longboat looking for a new ship to commandeer. They spotted the Bowbolt; mistaking it to have only weak goodbeasts aboard, they attacked and tried to steal it. Unfortunately, the ship also contained several warriors; Rugg lost his entire crew, and was taken prisoner.

He was handed over to the Whisperers to be placed in their dungeon until the goodbeasts decided what to do with him; however, he managed to kill his three guards and escape. His freedom was shortlived, as the Ranks of the Shadow kidnapped him for questioning. He told them everything they wanted to know, expecting to be released; however, once he was deemed of no more use, he was slain by the adder Sisserah. He was a minor character; little else is known.

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