Gender: Male

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Young squirrel, somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. Fur is grey, white below. Eyes are brown. Wears a dark orange-red jerkin, with vertical brown stripes. This is belted with a green sash, through which is stuck several throwing daggers and sgian dhus.

Personality: A lot of reckless bravado thinly concealing inner nervousness.


Ribjee was a young squirrel, who grew up in Mossflower Woods. He left it when Shander Branchbounder organized a group of some of his friends into a group of wanderers, who were hoping to travel the world seeking adventures. They did not get very far; they had just exited the northernmost boundary of Mossflower when they were attacked by the Ranks of the Shadow. Ribjee was among the survivors of the incident; he was taken back to the Shadelair by the Ranks, and tossed in with the slaves there. When these prisoners later managed an escape in the stolen ship Bowbolt, Ribjee and his friend Dula served as lookouts. The Ranks boarded their remaining ships and followed; they began firing arrows when in range. Most went wide, but Ribjee was unfortunate enough to catch one in the chest, plummeting to the deck and dying instantly. His body was buried in the Whisperers' cave; it was placed in a deep crack in the cavern wall, which was later packed in with rocks. Ribjee was a minor character - little else is known.

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