Pronunciation: ROOSE (rhymes with goose and loose)

Gender: Male

Species: Badger

Place of Origin: Deserts near Southsward

Appearance: Tall and muscular young adult male badger, with black eyes and the normal fur markings of the species. He wears a pair of brilliantly striped gold and red pantaloons held up by an enourmous black belt with silver buckle, and two wide brass wristbands. He has no shirt. He wears a slight dark beard, much intertwined with red and gold ribbons.

Personality: Quiet, unassuming, and willing to please. Puts on a great deal of bravado when performing, to impress the audience.


Rhus and his twin sister Rosida were native Southswarders, who lived in a blanket lean-to in the nearby desert for several seasons. Practically abandoned by their wandering parents, who suffered Bloodwrath to a massive extent and later died in battle, the pair looked out for one another as best they could as the seasons went on. They were adolescents when Sambucus and his traveling Circus found them; the pair were offered the chance to go along with the band of misfits on their journeys. Being frightened of the flamboyant, one-eyed Sambucus, they initially refused, and the circus went on its way. Feeling sorry for the young ones, who were about her age, Sambucus' daughter Withe stayed behind for the night, to try to change their minds.

During the night, a small band of vermin tracking an escaped prisoner barged through the area, destroying the lean-to and nearly slaying the trio. Rhus and Rosida fled with Withe to the Circus' campsite, where they agreed to stay on. Seasons later, they became two of the circus acrobats, as well as jacks of all trades about camp. Their strength came in very handy when a landslide took the lives of several circus members; they dug through the rubble and rescued the survivors, tossing aside huge chunks of rock that otherbeasts couldn't lift.

In a battle with vermin later, Rhus lost an ear and his beard was shorn off; it was many seasons before it grew again. He was a minor character; little else is known.

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