Name: Redwood Springfern

Species: Red Squirrel

Appearance: See picture

Age: 16

Personality: Redwood is very brave, determined and never afraid to battle another creature for her honor, however she can also be wary when meeting new creatures, because of the way she was brought up.

Backstory: Redwood was orphaned as a baby during a vermin war started by the ferret Warlord Jisky Bloodtooth. Redwood was taken in by a horde deserter, an old ratwife named Slicktail, along with Jisky's abandoned daughter Onepaw. When Redwood and Onepaw were both 16; Jisky went back to the woods where Slicktail lived, seeking to find her and kill her for her betrayal. He did kill Slicktail; but Redwood and Onepaw escaped, but at separate times, each of them thinking the other is dead; with Onepaw heading for Redwall Abbey, and Redwood staying in the woods, eventaully meeting the rogue assassin squirrel, Scirius Branchclimber.

Weapons: Dirk, bow and arrows

NOTE: I credit the artist (a Deviantart user) for the picture of Redwood; and Springfern, Redwood's original creator.