I have created this speeqe to use when ever you all feel like it, I hope you enjoy this speeqe as much as you love the Redwall Wars speeqe. to chat, go to Speeqe

Basic RulesEdit

  1. Follow the main Protocol.
  2. No swearing, and don't insult others. Treat others the way you want to be treated- so be nice!
  3. Do not spam. This includes:
    • Uploading too many pictures at once. Upload a few at a time, in moderation.
    • Entering too much text all at once. Be sure to let others speak before you have your say!
  4. You may RPG on Speeqe.
  5. These rules apply to both Speeqe and Chatzy. If you break these rules, you will get banned.
  6. Have fun! :)

To upload an image, copy and paste the URL address of an image.
For example, this. DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES THAT ARE (or contain):

  • Offensive (to others as well as you)
  • Racist
  • Vulgar and disturbing
  • Innapropriate
  • Mature (over rating PG is crossing the line!)
  • Swearing
  • You should know what to do

Obvious, but this is important:
If someone uploads pictures that make you feel unconfortable, tell them to stop. If they ignore you and continue, report it to my talk page