Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Place of Origin: Far South Coasts

Appearance: Full-grown, stocky older male weasel; tan above, cream below. Has a paunched belly. Eyes are blue; nose and tailtip are black. Wears a sharkskin tunic dyed red, with a black belt that was once a fox's tail, and a cloak of these same items. Has a gold nosering and four tiny hoop earrings of varying metals through his right ear. Has several fish-skeleton, swirl, and serpent tattoos from claw to neck on his forepaws.

Personality: A voracious glutton and a skilled hunter. Abusive to his daughter becuase he has a dislike of youngbeasts in general.


Nothing is known of Ratbane's origins. At some point before being forced to join The Destruction Horde, he was trained in the art of the assassin, and passed on this knowledge to his daughter. Once in the horde, Redfang's skills got him the attention of Redfang, the current cheiftain; he was promoted to captain.

Ratbane's daughter Darktail hated him, and the feeling was mutual; he savagely beat her, sometimes within an inch of her life. For a time, they worked together as double agents between Redfang and a hopeful successor named Gree Doomblade; however, Darktail was firmly on Gree's side, and started to report lies to keep her father happy. Ratbane was foolish enough to believe the lies, and report them; unfortunately, the bad information caused Redfang to start beating Ratbane for incompetene. Ratbane transferred his frustration to his daughter, and continued to beat Darktail with little provocation, until she finally had enough. She and her companions Bagnose and Stunty conspired to kill Ratbane; they stabbed him, then clawed him so it would look as if he was one of the many victims of the insane weasel Skrugg.

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