Rataro Bilge is a large, ugly, black sewer rat. He has a small band of rats, counting five in all. Rataro has a large piece of his ear missing, and a scar above his left eye. On his good ear are several gold ear rings. His whiskers are greased a and curled. His tail is covered with gold tail rings. His arms are covered with golden bracelets, as well as his fingers. On his fingers are several rings. Rataro's son, Frat, is veyr different than the other rats. Frat has a caring dispostion. He ran away from his father's vermin crew to Redwall. At first, he was not well trusted by the abbey beasts. But one day, a Dibbun had toppled into the abbey pond and Frat had dived in after him. Frat rescued the Dibbun and was trusted by all abbey creatures. He then changed his vermin name (Frat) to Faro, and took the title Brother Faro

Rataro is mad at his son for ditching his band. Frat was supposed to be the next leader. Rataro made a solemn vow to find Redwall and kill his son for betraying the band. Rataro usually wears a raggy black cloak and his weapons are a strangling noose, hook, and sword.

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