Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: San Andreas, Los Santos

Appearance: Randy wears a red taunic and a yellow belt and he has a redish kind of fur and he wears a tail ring ecsept when he goes surfing, at one point he wears a jacket mostly on rainy days.

Weapons:Randy has a baseball bat and nothing else but his baseball bat.


Randy is a fun loving squirrel and is always caring for others, he is the most friendly squirrel that any beast will meet, he is prettu good with the ladies and is very loyal to his friends.


Randy lives in San Andreas and is a professional surfer and has won 10 trophies since he began surfing, his childhood best friend is Jimmy an otter who interdused him to the world of surfing.

Age: 16

Relationships: Jimmy (Best friend)

Family: unknown

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