Redwall races hare-d3byxk6

Longface Sr.


Gender: Male

Eye color: blue

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Highlands

Appearance: Rakefur is very tall and skinny with dark black fur. He wears a dark green jacket and a hat with a dark red feather.

Weapons: Crossbelts with his grandfathers dual claymores, a longbow


Rakefur is gluttonous, talkative, funny, honest, a perilous fighter (pretty much a hare :D)


Born in the Northlands, traveling to Slamandestron, captured by a timber wolf making his way to the sea, wrecked upon an island with a bizzar ruler, a stowaway on a corsair ship headed for the mountain of the firelizards, being inducted into the Long Patrol, seeing the conquest of Redwall Abbey by a stoat captain, mourning a fallen mentor, finding a new hope, putting it to work, winning the day, finally becoming Lord of the Thirteen Blades.

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