Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Scrawny old female hedgehog, with completely silver fur and black spikes tipped with white. Eyes are blue. Wears a tunic tailored from a colorful patchwork quilt and belted with rope, which has a rip or two in it. Wields a broken spar of wood, painted black.

Personality: A good speaker. Firmly on the side of justice.


Primrose was a member of a coastal tribe of mice, voles, and hedgehogs, whose farmlands were seized by the Ranks of the Shadow. Many of the tribe resisted and were slain; Primrose was one of the survivors, all of whom were taken prisoner and forced to work their lands as slaves. Primrose escaped the Ranks with the rest of the slaves by helping to steal the ship Bowbolt. She later was voted one of the representatives of the group to speak to the Whisperers' Council, and get the bats on the side of the fugitives. She was a very minor character; nothing else is known.

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