Gender: Male

Species: Searat

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Unknown SEE HERE

Personality: Unknown, save that he was an expert navigator with scrupulous attention to detail, though that may not have been by choice.


Very little is known of Praydee; his only appearance in the story is as a corpse, and all mentions of him are in retrospect. Praydee was hand-selected by Captain Karturo of the Bowbolt to steer the ship, as he was an expert navigator. He held this job for nearly ten seasons, until a foolish error on the part of the lookout Twotail caused the ship to strike a reef and run aground in the fog. The ship was, for the most part, undamaged; however, Praydee was knocked overboard by the successive jolts and was crushed beneath Bowbolt when she ceased her foward progress and heeled over in the sands. It took Karturo nearly a full season to find a beast good enough to replace Praydee as steersbeast, so skilled was he. Praydee was a minor character - nothing further is known.

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