Species: fox

Origin: unknown

Weapon: Spear

Appearance: A greyish-white fox with a sky blue sack vest and a black belt. It has a dagger inside it, though Parrik used his spear.

Personality: Sarcastic and hot-headed, Parrik could easily be outsmarted. He was very boastful, and ambitious.


Parrik was in Kriggut's band. He was very mutinous and he wanted to kill Kriggut and take control. One day, when Kriggut and two weasels captured Zemmerug Zitspike and his crew, the stoat leader sent the weasels to get weapons. Parrik noticed, and followed the weasels back to the site. After a series of insults, Kriggut ordered the weasels to kill Parrik. They obliged, but later regretted it and they soon deserted, helping Zemmerug escape along the way. Apparently, Parrik had tried to mutiny before. He was a minor character.

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