Species: water rat

origin: Mossflower

Weapon: cutlass

Appearance: A very large dark grey water rat. He had a cutlass in his black belt at all times. Orig had torn ears and two large fangs sticking out of his mouth at all times.

Personality: A tough deep voiced water rat. Orig was very cruel and enjoyed kicking other beasts. He liked being the second in command in Gutra's Gang. Orig was very loyal to Gutra, and very tough too.


Orig was first mentioned when he and Burrel noticed Slinky hiding in the brush near them. Orig helped the gang considerably during the chase for Slinky. Once Slinky was killed, Orig went into the vole-den first and discovered that Uggrad was alone inside. After Gutra slew Uggrad, he was promoted to second in command. Uggrad had taken Stukkworm prisoner, and after the stoat had promised Orig loot, the stoat was let out. After he bolted for the forest, Orig and four others followed. They were lead into a swamp, but Orig knew where Stukkworm had gone, and he invaded the corsair camp. After a chase back to the vole-den the water rats and corsairs fought. He and his brother Spyg took on Waggy, but during the battle the clumsier Spyg accidentally disarmed Orig and both were killed by Zemmerug

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