Gender: Male

Species: Searat

Place of Origin: Land of Ice and Snow

Appearance: Scruffy-furred middle-aged searat. Fur is grey; paws and tail are whitish grey. Nose and eyes are black. Wears a silver breastplate over a long-sleeved yellow shirt and brown kilt; also wears metal gauntlets, and a small silver visor-less helmet. Has a black leather belt. Weilds a whip and a short-bladed sword.

Personality: Not very smart. Rough and cold-hearted, but not as abusive as some vermin.


Norvig was a slaver on board Lunarah Dawnrider's ship Night Heron. He was in charge of the upper of the two rowing decks; the beasts under his command hated him, but were grateful that they had him as a driver instead of a crueler beast, as Norvig's idea of fun did not include physical beatings. He had Spot as his personal attendant; he verbally abused her so much she was terrified of him.

Norvig's life ended when he made the mistake of complaining about the folly of sailing northward in winter; his captain took it to be a personal insult and beheaded him, replacing him with the stoat Blunge. As Blunge was insanely bad-tempered and abusive, the oarslaves actually began to miss Norvig and want him back. He was a minor character; nothing further is known.

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