Gender: Male

Species: Bat

Place of Origin: Whisperer's Caverns

Appearance: Burly, barrel-chested bat with thick black fur on his body but none on his wings, which are brown-skinned. Has a prominent underbite -fangs stick up like those of a bulldog. Wears a red and flame-orange patterned cravat about his neck, but nothing else.

Personality: Tenacious but not exactly quick-witted. Very Loyal. Willing to accept outside advice.


Muddwing was the Emperor of the Whisperers, the son of Empress Ahamai, and the brother of Captain-of-the-Guard Ijago. He was a tough, no-nonsense bat, who inherited his mother's capability to think things out slowly.

When vermin slew his mother, Muddwing, being the eldest son, ascended to the throne. However, he was inexperienced in matters of vermin threats - when the falcon Dippertail visited the Whisperers, Muddwing asked him to be a temporary deputy, leading the bats in the fight until the vermin were vanquished. He bravely went out to fight himself, though his inexperience made him more a liability than an asset at first. However, he did learn the ropes fairly quickly thanks to coaching from Dippertail and Ijago - he was solely responsible for saving a wounded goodbeast in the ensuing battle, and also killed many vermin by setting their lair afire.

After the battle, Muddwing saw to it that a bottomless pool in his caverns was used to ceremonially bury all the fallen goodbeasts. He was a minor character - little else is known.

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