Gender: Male

Eye color: Golden brown

Species: Sea Otter

Place of Origin: North of Mossflower

Appearance:He is a tall otter, thus the name, Mr. Big, he wears a valvet vest and sometimes wears a blue taunic.

Weapons:Uses all kinds of weapons he finds useful, but his most common weapon is a set of poison daggers.


Big is a very hard to get along with, but he is secretly helpful and kind towards his fellow woodlanders.


Big's family was born in the north of Mossflower, his family runs the local inns of the North parts of Mossflower, and he mostly runs the east are of the family business, Big use to be in the Long Patrol, volunteery, due to his family being in debt, after words, the family returned to their avrage life style, running the local inns.

Age: 26

Relationships: His family

Family: Couple of cousins around Mossflower.