Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: Grossly flabby vixen, with grey fur patched with black. Wears nothing but very large leaves tied all over her body. Weilds a spear.

Personality: Fussy, impetuous, with a permanant chip on her shoulder.


Lumpa was born and raised a Krozfoxx, one of an impudent tribe of patched foxes who had no leader and made a point of the fact. She liked to cause trouble, once foolishly getting into a fight with Ux Boulderpaw, which she lost. Later, when the Krozfoxx were forced against their will to join a larger horde, Lumpa went with them. She was sent as sort of an ambassador to Redwall to negotiate with the beasts there; however, the Abbey had already dealt with both the Krozfoxx and the Horde before, and as soon as she mentioned the name, she was slain by an otter longbow. Lumpa was a very minor character; nothing further is known.

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