Species: Rat

Origin: n/a

Weapon: Cutlass/Dagger

Appearance: A black rat with brown paws, nosetip, and tailtip. Wears a fancy brown leather helmet fashioned like those of roman soldiers. With the brush thing. 

Personality: Grimlock is the Lieutenant in Atran the Tyrant's army. His favorite phrase is "Beggin' yer pardon sir". He is not loyal to Atran but he would likely never lead a mutiny. He is fairly smart. He has an attitude like "I'll do it if I get a reward". Very greedy.



Not much is known about Grimlock's history but it is known that he is highly valued and favoured by Atran. Grimlock is second in the army to Atran himself. He, even if he did something wrong, would probably never be executed by his captain. He was a useful fighter in the first battle between the corsairs and the rats. Once they were scuttled on land, Grimlock became less important. During the second battle he got through the corsairs and attacked Zemmerug, but the weasel killed most of his rats and he fled with Bigwart and nine others. Bigwart was promoted, but Grimlock is given no credit, and fell from favour after the defeat. He is hated by the slaves and is very cruel. He was the last of the horde to die. It was Zemmerug who killed him, by decapitating him. 

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