Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: Middle-aged, slender, predominatly rust-furred fox, with a few black patches; also has hazel eyes. Wears a green bandanna concealing her ears; a huge, tattered green scarf tied about her torso; and a toga of trailing vines and weeds. Weilds a wooden cudgel.

Personality: Typical Kroxfoxx; independent, fussy, and hard to control. Will defer to her husband, though, as he is ill-tempered and more dangerous than she, and she rather grudgingly likes him. Has a strong sense of vengeance.


Layka was born and raised a Krozfoxx, a member of a tribe of robber foxes who made a point of having no leader and answering to nobeast. When she came of age, she wed a fellow Krozfoxx named Kaiah. Over the seasons, Layka gave birth to so many litters of cubs that she eventually lost count of how many children and grandchildren she had.

Layka and her husband were forced to join the Ranks of the Shadow when that horde took over theirs. During the long march back to the Shadelair following this event, Kaiah was accidentally poisoned by his fellow Krozfoxx Akalle Bladewhip, who made a mistake while trying to end a vendetta she had with anotherbeast. To all other beasts present, it appeared as if Kaiah had keeled over and died from ill-treatment and exhaustion. Layka bitterly resented this; though she was not really devoted to her mate, she cared for him enough to feel the injustice and began to dislike the Ranks even more.

After becoming properly instated in the horde by The Black Shade, Layka secretly joined a mutionous group led by Akalle, which consisted of several female beasts with various grievances against the Ranks. The little group planned to escape the horde as soon as they were given the chance; a battle instigated by some goodbeasts gave them that chance, and they began their desertion. They encountered a strike force sent to burn the Shadelair and were forced to fight; Layka tried to flee the scene with a treacherous Akalle, who had set up the whole thing as a cover for her own escape. The smarter vixen let Layka go in front - she got in a duel with the mousemaid Tings, who slew her.

She was a minor character; little else is known.

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