Wezarid the Mighty was a large and, as his title suggests, powerful wolverine from the Northlands who sailed to the Island of Werenure(whose name was given by the wolverine) after a career of pillaging and plundering. He took over the rocky island and as a retirement home of sorts he had Castle Werenure built on the Island's northern tip. He ruled throughtout the rest of his prime, then breaking down to become an ancient, wizened and paranoid king. Flager the ferret briefly visited here, taking on much of the island's raucous vermin crowd aboard his stolen ship Rustkeel. Wezarid wished Flager to stay and become master of his fleet of ships, but hte ferret decided not to stay due to the fact that Wezarid had been killing off his captains for quite some time out of an actually quite reasonable fear that they were attempting to oust him. The island stayed much in silence after Flager left until Saltrag the rat came along and ousted the old and mentally unstable wolverine from power, by means of a dagger `twixt his ribs.