Gender: Male

Species: Unknown/Magical beast

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Most frequently appears as a fox-like, hare-like, or cat-like shape, but can change his outline at will. A transluscent black smudge with a big toothy smile and red eyes - can change form, but only appears cast on walls or floors like a shadow, and not actually a free-standing entity.

Personality: Likes minor mahem and mischeif, but is not evil. Loves to pull pranks.


King-Shadow is a folk character in Highlands lore, who appears in a few stories and songs. He is said to be the mate of the Star-Queen, Commander of the Moonshades (shadows which give nightmares), and father of the Fizzlies (half-shadow-half-star creatures, who make fog and nighttime clouds). He loves to pull jokes, and is sometimes referred to as the giver of bad dreams. The serious nightmares he saves for the most evil beasts; nightmares given to goodbeasts are usually not serious, though he is absentminded and occasionally makes mistakes in that quarter. He does have a good heart at bottom and does not like to see vermin treating goodbeasts badly; he saves up the most special nightmares for offenders in these cases, and they are usually soul-scarring and sanity-testing ones.

He is, according to legend, the proverbial "thing that goes bump in the night", as he sometimes he comes to earth from Skydark Country (his mythological home) to pull a prank or two on unsuspecting youngbeasts. However, his teeth and eyes suspended in the otherwise ordinary shadow give him away, and he can be chased off with lanterns and/or candles. When fire is unavailable, or just for extra emphasis, beasts use this chant to drive him off:

"Dingle-Bangle thud and boom!

Spooks and bogies leave this room!

Dash-a-flash the sparkle fire!

Get out or you'll taste my ire!

Dare-a-lingo Bin-ban-bon!

King of Shadows go! Begone!"

Dibbuns and little ones usually use only the last two lines, repeated several times.

Because of his shady status, he is nearly impossible to capture; however, it is said that he cannot pass through glass, and if you are quick enough you can imprison him in a crystal vessel surrounded by lights and candles. If you can catch him, he will give you the choice of one of four gifts - Invisibility, Cunning, Foresight, or Speed.

King Shadow is a very minor character: nothing further is known of him.

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