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Picture Of Kaiah I did a very long time ago.

Pronunciation: `KY'-ya, like the end of the name Hezikiah

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance:A middle-aged, stunted dogfox with unusually bushy black-and-rust patched fur, no tail, and brown eyes. Wears an old fishnet tailored into a shirt and pantaloons, in which are stuck hundreds of fern fronds; these cover all of him but his head and the tips of his paws, giving him the appearance of having a shaggy green pelt. Also wears a willow-withe headband. Wields a crude mace and chain made from a boulder, a tarred rope and a stave.

Personality: Very bossy to creatures weaker than he, but easily frightened by those stronger. Most of the time, strong-willed and independent, with a sneering, contemptuous manner.


Kaiah was born and raised a Krozfoxx, a member of a tribe of robber foxes who made a point of having no leader and answering to nobeast. When he came of age, he wed a fellow Krozfoxx named Layka; over the seasons, Layka gave birth to so many litters of cubs that Kaiah eventually lost count of how many children and grandchildren he had. As he was the father or grandfather to most of the tribe by the time he reached middle age, and the eldest Krozfoxx save the mad seer Zaikee, he was looked upon as a sort of leader, though not officially or with any great respect.

Kaiah attempted to rob Skipper Windryder and Dippertail's party of Redwallers when they left the Abbey to do some woodcutting out in Mossflower. Unfortunately for the fox, his sneak attack was overheard by the young hare Shermy and his pals, who sounded the alarm. In the rush to get away, Kaiah blundered into Eethian Pinspikes, who was holding a freshly sharpened saw; the blade fell on his tail and severed it clean off. Skipper tied up the fox and his comerades and told them to run for it; Kaiah swore revenge against the otters and Redwallers for the humiliation.

Upon returning to camp after this defeat, Kaiah discovered a very dangerous mercenary vixen Akalle Bladewhip had taken over things in his absence. Very shortly thereafter, Dankfur Clawhook and his tribe attacked, assimilating Kaiah and the surviving Krozfoxx into their band and demanding they help them attack Redwall. Kaiah was the first fox to pledge allegiance, thinking to settle his score. However, the attack on Redwall ended in ignominious defeat and flight; during the flight, Akalle poisoned him and he died.

Kaiah was a minor character; little else is known.

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