Gender: Male

Species: Tree Rat/Painted One

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: A skinny, tall adult male tree rat. Fur color is not visible because the whole of his body is dyed black, yellow, and green patterns. Eyes are black; tail is pink. Wears nothing but a kilt and long necklace, both made from leafy strings of vines. Weild a blowpipe and darts; the dart pouch is worn on a vine belt around his hips.

Personality: Unusually intellegent for a Painted One. Completely merciless.


Jigvi was a cheiftain of the Painted Ones. He was smarter than the average tree rat, as evidenced by the fact he did not attack all beasts willy-nilly but instead made allies of a couple vermin bands (the Guttro Clan and an unnamed, massive group of toads) whom he thought might come in handy. It was the only time in their history that the Painted Ones worked together with other villains; however, the alliances were very shaky, as all the groups were suspicious and distrustful of one another.

Jigvi gave the Guttro Clan a large drum, which they could beat on whenever they needed his help. Tikah Guttro used this when she was attacked by Sy Stoneclaw and a group of Redwallers; Jigvi and fivescore painted ones came to the rescue, but were soundly routed by a group of Branchbounder warriors, who had also heard what was going on. Jigvi was the only Painted One slain in the melee; Billeo took him through the throat with an arrow.

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