Gender: Male

Eye color: Sea Blue

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: Jerry, is a brown fur hare and wears a navy blue taunic.

Weapons: Carries a small army knife and some daggers.


Jerry is narmally a calm and sensitive, he is also a rule followera and obeys all the rules.


Jerry comes from a famous line of soldiers and army beasts, at the age of 14 Jerry joined the Mobile Infintry in Salamandastron, around the age of 15 he was sent on the front line in the first Bug War and was given heavy weapons (In the Redwall Univers) Bug War, during the age of 21 his 21st birthday was ruined when the warrior bugs attacked the unit he was in, at the age of 23 he continued in a new unit which he became the captain of in the first front of the war.

Age: 24

Relationships: Some friends in the army

Family: Unkown