Illustration 06447

Iram, with friends Scotty and Sherlyn Bluefleck either side of him

Pronunciation: EAR-um, usually with the "r" rolled.

Gender: Male

Species: Mountain Hare

Place of Origin: Bowlaynee Castle

Appearance: Male hare in the later seasons of adolesence. Extremely tall and very lanky. Fur is jet black all over, save a grey bit of fluff where the white bit of his tail would be. Eyes are blood-red, with darker red-brown pupils. Wears a very loose, somewhat oversized white tunic, with gold trimming around the lower hem and long, flowing golden sleeves. This is cinched tight by a brown leather belt, tied without a buckle. Has white cloth wraps about his footpaws. Sometimes dons a long, burgundy cloak; this is fastened by a gold pin with a white quartz centerpiece stone. Weilds a formidible longbow almost as tall has he is; the quiver is worn at his belt, not over his shoulder.

Personality: A bit inexperienced, but well-meaning and courageous. Obedient and eager to please, occasionally to a fault. Sometimes doesn't think things through. Has what other creatures call an insane amount of good luck when it comes to getting out of tricky situations. Knows he is of royal blood, but does not like to flaunt it.


A direct descendant of the bloodline of the Ruling MacScutta's of Bowlaynee Castle, Iram is the only son of Lady Myrona MacScutta and Laird Aiellyn MacScutta. He helped to rescue The Phantoms from Lunarah Dawnrider and her crew.

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