Illustration 000052

Huffy with Harrbuckll the Hogmaid

Gender: Male

Species: Mole

Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey

Appearance: Young Dibbun Molebabe just out of toddler stage. Paws, claws and naked part of nose are dusty pink; eyes and fur are blackish brown. Wears a small brownish-green habit sewn together instead of tied, with a cowled hood always worn up. Tends to get this extremely dirty on occasion.

Personality: Too Young to have much of one yet. Likes to get dirty and play with messy things. Loves his big wooden spoon, which he carries around everywhere.


Huffy was the younger brother of Euodia, the nephew of Foremole Aggit, and a Redwall Dibbun. He and the Hogmaiden Harrbuckll liked to help out in the kitchens, and were fairly good cooks for their age. However, their lack of experience and common sense sometimes caused problems; the most memorable instance came when they attempted to mak
Illustration 00006

Huffy (far left) and two other Dibbuns doing the Tambourine Dance

e pancakes with bilberry topping and made a huge mess trying to add the topping before they cooked the pancakes.

Huffy also was very musically inclined; he was very precocious in these matters and had the makings of a fine tenor voice. He also participated in the Tambourine Dance which the visitor Sy Stoneclaw taught to all the Abbeybabes. Huffy was a minor character; little else is known.

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